Year 5 Golden Moments Assembly

This week, we held our very first ‘Golden Moments’ assembly in Year 5.

Inside our classroom, there is a very special ‘golden’ box where children and teachers are able to nominate who they believe should receive a golden leaf.

Children can receive a nomination for a wide range of reasons, including: ‘being a good friend’, ‘supporting other people in the classroom’, ‘trying exceptionally hard in a particular subject’ etc. Adults at home are also very welcome to nominate a particular child by emailing their nomination to:

This week, four children were nominated to receive a golden leaf. Amazingly, Tilly received two nominations, one from Mrs O’Brien and one from her mom. Mrs O’Brien was wowed by the new found confidence Tilly has shown over the past few weeks and Tilly’s mom was extremely proud of Tilly as she has supported our local area by making it safer and more environmentally friendly through litter-picking. Well done Tilly!

Michael received our second nomination from Miss Guy. Miss Guy commented how Michael has been exceptionally supportive to others within the class and how he is such a good friend and role-model. Well done Michael!

Max received his nomination from Mrs Cook. Mrs Cook explained to the class how Max was a ‘shining star’ and always tried his best and made positive choices! Well done Max!

The final child to receive a ‘golden leaf’ within Year 5 was Ruby. Ruby received her nomination from Mrs Ross. Mrs Ross commented how even though Ruby had only joined our Year 5 class one week ago, that she had settled in very well and it was as though she had always being a member of our class! Well done Ruby!

A big well done to the four children who received a golden leaf this week. The Year 5 team would also like to say a massive well done to all of the Year 5 children for settling back into school extremely well over the past few weeks, we are very proud of you all.

Who will be the next children in Year 5 to receive a golden leaf nomination?

Brass instruments

Brass lessons will take place for Year 5 on Tuesday afternoons.

The current arrangements for brass are that half of the class at a time will play their instruments whilst socially distanced in the school gym while the other half of the class carry out some other music activities in the classroom. The groups will then change over the following week.

Please ensure that brass instruments are brought into the Year 5 classroom on Tuesday mornings or at the start of the school week.

We will continue to update you if arrangements for brass lessons change.

Thank you for your help,

Miss Guy and Mrs Cook

Welcome back Year 5!

The Year 5 staff have been so impressed with the way that all of Year 5 have returned to school. They have been so positive and have made a wonderful start to the new school year.

Well done everyone!

Miss Guy, Mrs Cook and Mrs Ross