It’s good to be back!

This week, Year 5 have all had a wonderful time spending time with their friends and settling back into the school routines. The children have also thoroughly enjoyed their English lessons where they started to focus on the well-known poet, Benjamin Zephaniah. The children have been looking at a range of his poetry and will later be writing and performing their own poems in the style of Benjamin Zephaniah.

The Year 5 children have also tried exceptionally hard in producing beautiful water-colour paintings based around the theme of Spring. The children are planning to share their wonderful work with their parents and adults at home as a gift for Mother’s Day.

This week, the children also got the opportunity to participate in a live science lesson as part of British Science Week. The live lesson was based around the role of a farm vet. The live lesson focused on cows and how we know that cows are happy and healthy. The vet discussed the differences and similarities between humans and cows and generated ideas about what all living things need to be healthy using humans and cows as specific examples. The vet also performed simple medical tests on a cow (pulse rate, breathing rate and a temperature check) and asked the children to join in by taking their own measurements and comparing them. Finally, the vet checked the cow’s environment and assessed whether it has everything it needs to stay happy and healthy. The Year 5 children concentrated well throughout the live lesson enjoyed learning about the role of a farm vet.

The Year 5 staff have been really impressed by the behaviour and positive attitudes of the Year 5 children this week and we look forward to completing many more exciting activities over the next few weeks.

Thank you Year 5!

Miss Guy, Miss Cooper and myself would like to say a massive thank you for all of your wonderful efforts with ‘home learning’ over the past few weeks – you have all been absolute superstars and should be very proud of yourself. We know the past few weeks have been quite tricky and we have all had to adjust to a new way of working but you have all shown great resilience and you have been able to produce some wonderful pieces of work! The Year 5 team have been really impressed with your wonderful English work based around the story of Oliver Twist, which has also linked very nicely to our Victorian topic in history.

We have also been extremely impressed by how hard you have tried with your maths work over the past few weeks. You have tried your very best with some rather tricky topics, including: decimals, co-ordinates and angles. The quality of your work has showed what little superstars you all are.

Miss Guy, Miss Cooper and myself would like to say a MASSIVE well done to you all for your OUTSTANDING efforts in reading over the few weeks. So many of you have been reading and quizzing at home which is wonderful.

Please keep up your fabulous work Year 5 and please remember that you are all………

Mrs Cook, Miss Guy and Miss Cooper

The last few weeks of Autumn Term…

The last few weeks of term have been very busy. The children have worked exceptionally hard to complete their newspaper article based on the film ‘The Iron Giant’. All of the Year 5 staff have been extremely impressed with the children’s ideas, how they have used the features of newspaper writing and their high levels of presentation. We definitely have lots of budding journalists in Year 5!

We have also been very busy preparing for and then performing our Christmas production based on the film ‘Elf’. The children certainly had lots of fun performing as you can see in the picture below!

In Year 5, we have also been very busy completing a range of Christmas activities. The children have made Christmas cards, produced decorations for the Christmas tree and decorated biscuits in the style of a snowman. The children also had lots of fun creating calendars which were based on the artist Kandinsky who was the focus of our art work earlier on in the term.

We also all thoroughly enjoyed our Christmas party where we played party games, had a dance and all had lots and lots of fun!

The Year 5 staff hope that you all have a wonderful Christmas and we will look forward to seeing you all in the new year.

Take care and keep safe,

Mrs Cook, Miss Guy, Miss Cooper and Mrs Baker (The Year 5 Team)

Singing Superstars!

The Year 5 teachers would like to say a huge well done to all of the children for their beautiful singing today! Over the past few weeks, the Year 5 children have been learning the song ‘We just want it to Snow!’ which will form part of a virtual concert organised by Forest Arts. All children and parents will be able to stream this concert on Thursday 17th December at 7pm where you will be able to enjoy our singing!

More Year 5 stars!

This week we were very proud to nominate both Lily and Jerel to receive a golden leaf and place it on our golden moments tree. All of the Year 5 staff had been exceptionally pleased with Lily and Jerel for their wonderful harvest singing. Both children tried really hard in rehearsals, they concentrated and knew all the words to our harvest songs. During the performances both children sang very confidently and smiled throughout which was wonderful to see on our harvest video! (If you would like to find out even more about our performance, please see the separate harvest post).

Our star readers this week were Eva and Elissa. Both Elissa and Eva have worked exceptionally hard both at home and in school with their reading; they read confidently and fluently and achieve high scores on their A.R quizzes. Well done girls!

We hope that you all have a wonderful time over half term, that you stay safe and enjoy spending a bit of time with your family.

Mrs Cook, Miss Guy and Mrs Ross

Year 5 Golden Moments

This week in Year 5 we had two golden moment nominations and two star readers. Dexie received a ‘golden moment’ from Miss Guy for being a wonderful role model. Miss Guy remarked how Dexie is an excellent partner and is always helpful to other children and staff. Well done Dexie!

Elissa received our second golden moment this week. It was lovely that Elissa’s mom made the nomination for Elissa’s wonderful swimming in her lessons outside of school. Elissa has recently moved into a new swimming group and her lessons are now based around life-saving. Elissa’s mom informed us that Elissa always tries her very best within her lessons and she has coped very well in her new group despite the long break due to COVID. Keep up the good work Elissa!

Freya and Lacey received our star reading certificates this week. Both of the girls have worked very hard with their reading since the beginning of the school term; they read frequently both in and out if school and achieve well on their Accelerated Reader quizzes. Well done girls!

We hope you all have a wonderful final week at school before the half term break.

Mrs Cook, Miss Guy and Mrs Ross

Golden Moments Assembly 08.10.20

All of the Year 5 staff would like to say a massive well done to Christabelle who received our golden leaf this week. Christabelle was nominated by Mrs Cook for wonderful ’emotions’ work as part of our PSHE curriculum. Mrs Cook remarked how Christabelle is always extremely sensitive to the needs and feelings of other people and this thoughtful attitude is also reflected in her work. What a wonderful achievement Christabelle!

Spencer received our ‘star reading’ certificate this week for his wonderful attitude towards reading. Spencer has certainly got the ‘bug’ for reading and enjoys reading both in school and at home. The Year 5 team are very pleased that Spencer quizzes frequently and often achieves 100%. Well done Spencer!

Rushall staff will continue to nominate the Year 5 children for a ‘golden moment’ on a weekly basis. It would however be wonderful if adults at home could also join in the celebration and nominate the children for all of the wonderful things that they do at home! Please send your nominations to:

Mrs Cook, Miss Guy and Mrs Ross

Golden Moments

All of the Year 5 staff would like to say a massive well done to Jack and Simran who both received a golden leaf this week. Miss Guy nominated Jack for having a “wonderfully positive attitude” towards his work both at school and at home. Mrs Cook nominated Simran for a wonderful piece of writing linked to the Iron Giant which is the topic we are focusing on in our English work. Well done Jack and Simran.

Courtney and Mason were our reading stars this week. Both of the children have shown a keen interest in reading. They both read for at least 20 minutes in school and at home on a daily basis and both are passing their Accelerated Reader quizzes, demonstrating they have a good understanding of the book they are reading. Well done Courtney and Mason.

We hope you have all had a good week in Year 5 this week, you are all shining stars.

Mrs Cook, Miss Guy and Mrs Ross

Year 5 Homework

Homework clip art free clipart images 2 - ClipartBarn

It has been wonderful to look at the different pieces of homework that the Year 5 children have completed over the past few weeks. We would just like to remind everyone that all the homework is set via Google Classroom which can be accessed using the Wonde emoji logins. One piece of English and maths homework is set on a weekly basis, this is in addition to a list of spellings based around a particular spelling rule. On Google Classroom you will also find an enrichment project which is set on a half termly basis (our current project is about ‘living things’). There are also a wide variety of games and quizzes linked to the different things we have been learning in school. If you have any questions about the Year 5 homework or about Google Classroom, please do not hesitate to contact us on

Mrs Cook and Miss Guy

Amazing Achievements in Year 5

In Year 5 this week, we have been extremely excited to celebrate a wide variety of different achievements from our talented children.

We were very impressed that four of our Year 5 children received a golden leaf during our ‘Golden Moments’ assembly. Amy was the first to receive her golden leaf. She was nominated by her mom who informed us how well Amy had coped during the COVID pandemic. Amy’s mum also told us that she was very impressed how Amy stayed motivated and continued to complete all of the work set by school. This is fantastic Amy, well done!

This week, Maisie was awarded with a golden leaf from Mrs Jones. Maisie received her award for being such a good friend to the other children in her class. Thank you for being so caring Maisie!

Chloe was also nominated for a golden leaf from her mom. Chloe’s mom informed us that Chloe is a superstar at home as she wakes up very early each morning to feed all of the animals (including chickens, ducks, rabbits and dogs) and that she never complains about doing this. Well done Chloe, this is very mature and responsible of you.

Sienna was the final person in Year 5 to receive a golden leaf. Sienna’s mom also nominated Sienna for her achievements in football. Since 2019, Sienna has played for Aston Villa girls RTC. Recently, Sienna’s contract was extended as Sienna was asked again to sign for the 2020/2021 season. Sienna is extremely dedicated to football and this is a wonderful achievement. Well done Sienna!

This week, we also celebrated Rowan’s and Issac’s achievements in reading. The Year 5 staff are very impressed by both Rowan and Issac’s attitudes to reading; they are both highly motivated and as a result have achieved very high quiz scores. Well done boys!

This week we were also very impressed with Elissa who brought in her Blue Peter Badges to show the class. Elissa was awarded the badges for participating in a new sport. Elissa decided to trial archery and rock climbing which sound like lots of fun! Well done on receiving your Blue Peter awards Elissa.

We look forward to sharing more news about our Year 5 superstars in future blogs.

Mrs Cook, Miss Guy and Mrs Ross