The last few weeks of Autumn Term…

The last few weeks of term have been very busy. The children have worked exceptionally hard to complete their newspaper article based on the film ‘The Iron Giant’. All of the Year 5 staff have been extremely impressed with the children’s ideas, how they have used the features of newspaper writing and their high levels of presentation. We definitely have lots of budding journalists in Year 5!

We have also been very busy preparing for and then performing our Christmas production based on the film ‘Elf’. The children certainly had lots of fun performing as you can see in the picture below!

In Year 5, we have also been very busy completing a range of Christmas activities. The children have made Christmas cards, produced decorations for the Christmas tree and decorated biscuits in the style of a snowman. The children also had lots of fun creating calendars which were based on the artist Kandinsky who was the focus of our art work earlier on in the term.

We also all thoroughly enjoyed our Christmas party where we played party games, had a dance and all had lots and lots of fun!

The Year 5 staff hope that you all have a wonderful Christmas and we will look forward to seeing you all in the new year.

Take care and keep safe,

Mrs Cook, Miss Guy, Miss Cooper and Mrs Baker (The Year 5 Team)

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