Amazing Achievements in Year 5

In Year 5 this week, we have been extremely excited to celebrate a wide variety of different achievements from our talented children.

We were very impressed that four of our Year 5 children received a golden leaf during our ‘Golden Moments’ assembly. Amy was the first to receive her golden leaf. She was nominated by her mom who informed us how well Amy had coped during the COVID pandemic. Amy’s mum also told us that she was very impressed how Amy stayed motivated and continued to complete all of the work set by school. This is fantastic Amy, well done!

This week, Maisie was awarded with a golden leaf from Mrs Jones. Maisie received her award for being such a good friend to the other children in her class. Thank you for being so caring Maisie!

Chloe was also nominated for a golden leaf from her mom. Chloe’s mom informed us that Chloe is a superstar at home as she wakes up very early each morning to feed all of the animals (including chickens, ducks, rabbits and dogs) and that she never complains about doing this. Well done Chloe, this is very mature and responsible of you.

Sienna was the final person in Year 5 to receive a golden leaf. Sienna’s mom also nominated Sienna for her achievements in football. Since 2019, Sienna has played for Aston Villa girls RTC. Recently, Sienna’s contract was extended as Sienna was asked again to sign for the 2020/2021 season. Sienna is extremely dedicated to football and this is a wonderful achievement. Well done Sienna!

This week, we also celebrated Rowan’s and Issac’s achievements in reading. The Year 5 staff are very impressed by both Rowan and Issac’s attitudes to reading; they are both highly motivated and as a result have achieved very high quiz scores. Well done boys!

This week we were also very impressed with Elissa who brought in her Blue Peter Badges to show the class. Elissa was awarded the badges for participating in a new sport. Elissa decided to trial archery and rock climbing which sound like lots of fun! Well done on receiving your Blue Peter awards Elissa.

We look forward to sharing more news about our Year 5 superstars in future blogs.

Mrs Cook, Miss Guy and Mrs Ross

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