Sports Day 2021

On Thursday 27th May, Year 5 and 6 took part in an upper Key Stage 2 sports day.

Each class took it it turns to participate in a number of events, while the other class acted as spectators.

The events that Year 5 were able to choose to take part in were the sprint, sack race, egg and spoon, skipping race, speed walk relay, sprint relay, javelin and shotput.

After what seemed like many weeks of rain during rehearsals for sports day, we were extremely fortunate that on the day itself we had dry, sunny weather.

We would like to congratulate all of the children for their excellent efforts during sports day.

It’s good to be back!

This week, Year 5 have all had a wonderful time spending time with their friends and settling back into the school routines. The children have also thoroughly enjoyed their English lessons where they started to focus on the well-known poet, Benjamin Zephaniah. The children have been looking at a range of his poetry and will later be writing and performing their own poems in the style of Benjamin Zephaniah.

The Year 5 children have also tried exceptionally hard in producing beautiful water-colour paintings based around the theme of Spring. The children are planning to share their wonderful work with their parents and adults at home as a gift for Mother’s Day.

This week, the children also got the opportunity to participate in a live science lesson as part of British Science Week. The live lesson was based around the role of a farm vet. The live lesson focused on cows and how we know that cows are happy and healthy. The vet discussed the differences and similarities between humans and cows and generated ideas about what all living things need to be healthy using humans and cows as specific examples. The vet also performed simple medical tests on a cow (pulse rate, breathing rate and a temperature check) and asked the children to join in by taking their own measurements and comparing them. Finally, the vet checked the cow’s environment and assessed whether it has everything it needs to stay happy and healthy. The Year 5 children concentrated well throughout the live lesson enjoyed learning about the role of a farm vet.

The Year 5 staff have been really impressed by the behaviour and positive attitudes of the Year 5 children this week and we look forward to completing many more exciting activities over the next few weeks.

Thank you Year 5!

Miss Guy, Miss Cooper and myself would like to say a massive thank you for all of your wonderful efforts with ‘home learning’ over the past few weeks – you have all been absolute superstars and should be very proud of yourself. We know the past few weeks have been quite tricky and we have all had to adjust to a new way of working but you have all shown great resilience and you have been able to produce some wonderful pieces of work! The Year 5 team have been really impressed with your wonderful English work based around the story of Oliver Twist, which has also linked very nicely to our Victorian topic in history.

We have also been extremely impressed by how hard you have tried with your maths work over the past few weeks. You have tried your very best with some rather tricky topics, including: decimals, co-ordinates and angles. The quality of your work has showed what little superstars you all are.

Miss Guy, Miss Cooper and myself would like to say a MASSIVE well done to you all for your OUTSTANDING efforts in reading over the few weeks. So many of you have been reading and quizzing at home which is wonderful.

Please keep up your fabulous work Year 5 and please remember that you are all………

Mrs Cook, Miss Guy and Miss Cooper

Year 5’s Excellent Elf Performance

Last Thursday, pupils in Year 5 took part in their Christmas performance which was based on the film Elf. Year 5 staff were extremely proud of how hard the children had worked to learn their lines and perform their songs. Each and every child was an absolute superstar!

We hope you enjoy the show!

The last few weeks of Autumn Term…

The last few weeks of term have been very busy. The children have worked exceptionally hard to complete their newspaper article based on the film ‘The Iron Giant’. All of the Year 5 staff have been extremely impressed with the children’s ideas, how they have used the features of newspaper writing and their high levels of presentation. We definitely have lots of budding journalists in Year 5!

We have also been very busy preparing for and then performing our Christmas production based on the film ‘Elf’. The children certainly had lots of fun performing as you can see in the picture below!

In Year 5, we have also been very busy completing a range of Christmas activities. The children have made Christmas cards, produced decorations for the Christmas tree and decorated biscuits in the style of a snowman. The children also had lots of fun creating calendars which were based on the artist Kandinsky who was the focus of our art work earlier on in the term.

We also all thoroughly enjoyed our Christmas party where we played party games, had a dance and all had lots and lots of fun!

The Year 5 staff hope that you all have a wonderful Christmas and we will look forward to seeing you all in the new year.

Take care and keep safe,

Mrs Cook, Miss Guy, Miss Cooper and Mrs Baker (The Year 5 Team)

Children in Need 2020

On Friday 13th November, Year 5 took part in a number of activities to celebrate Children in Need and to help to raise money for charity.

To start the day, Year 5 joined in with the final part of ‘The Joe Wicks 24 Hour PE Challenge for Children in Need’ which was rather tiring but lots of fun! You can see some photographs of this activity below.

In the afternoon, the children were able to take part in a variety of activities including Children in Need bingo, a balancing challenge, a tongue twister challenge, a drawing challenge, maths code breaker challenges and Pudsey colouring.

What a wonderful way to raise money for Children in Need – well done Year 5!

Golden Moments 12.11.2020

This week, Aidan and Spencer were both nominated for a Golden Moment in Year 5.

Here is Miss Guy’s nomination for Aidan:

‘I would like to nominate Aidan for a Golden Moment for his excellent effort in reading. Since returning to school after half term, Aidan has achieved 100% in his last three Accelerated Reader quizzes, including Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire. He showed great perseverance to read such a lengthy and challenging book and also demonstrated an excellent understanding of what he had read. This is a wonderful achievement Aidan. Well done and keep up this fantastic effort!’

Miss Cooper’s nomination for Spencer:

‘This week, I would like to nominate Spencer for a Golden Moment for his excellent work on the topic of Fractions. Spencer showed resilience when faced with trickier questions and was very helpful in supporting his partners as well.
In addition, he is always polite to other children and staff around school and in the playground.’

Well done to both boys – these are excellent achievements. Keep up the good work!

Singing Superstars!

The Year 5 teachers would like to say a huge well done to all of the children for their beautiful singing today! Over the past few weeks, the Year 5 children have been learning the song ‘We just want it to Snow!’ which will form part of a virtual concert organised by Forest Arts. All children and parents will be able to stream this concert on Thursday 17th December at 7pm where you will be able to enjoy our singing!

Year 5 Nature Hunt

This week, Year 5 went on a nature hunt in our science lesson as part of our work on living things and their habitats. We used a variety of different identification sheets from the Woodland Trust to identify leaves, fruits, seeds and other living things in our school grounds.

During our successful searches, we were able to identify a range of different types of trees including willow, birch, oak, holly and pine as well as berries, pine cones, spiders, a millipede, invertebrate eggs, birds nests, toadstools and other interesting finds.

Please take a look at some of the pictures from our nature hunt.

If you would like to carry out a similar activity, you could use activity sheets from the Woodland Trust using the following link:

Can you spot the bird’s nest in this tree?

Year 5 Golden Moment 5.11.2020

This week, Rowan was chosen by Miss Guy to receive a Golden Moment nomination.

Rowan has been chosen for his fantastic attitude towards school. At all times, he is so polite and well behaved, which sets a wonderful example to others. Also, he will always offer to help to do any jobs around the classroom, which we appreciate very much. Well done Rowan – you should be extremely proud of yourself!